For all ready to ship products, I try to ship within 3 business days. If I am traveling due to a convention, I will ship when I get home!

For all reservation items, please see item description. After the end of the reservation period, It can take up to two weeks for the fabric to get to me. Once the fabric arrives, the length of time it will take will depend on the volume of orders. 

If you have any questions about your order, please just send me a message and I will do everything I can to help!


As all of my products are one of a kind, returns are a bit difficult. 

For all reservations, the initial payment is non-refundable.

If there are any issues with the item, I will repair/alter the item within a certain realm of reason. For repair, I request shipping to my location, and I will cover shipping back to you after the repairs are complete. Please contact me if you have a problem and need a repair done!

Le Petit Miaou

Contact Me

T:   (570) 878-8859


Upcoming conventions:

Colossalcon (2nd Artist Alley) June 6-7

Tekko (Artist) June 25-28 2020

Hazardcon (Artist) July 24-26 2020

Galaxycon Raleigh (with ThimsyWhimsy) July 30-Aug 2

Paradiso (Vendor) Postponed Date TBA

Anime St. Louis (Designer/Guest) April 23-25 2021

Past Conventions:

Zipcon (Artist) February 15 2020
Ichibancon (Artist) January 9-12 2020

Anime Weekend Atlanta (Artist) October 31-November 3
Colossalcon East (Arts and Crafts Fair) September 15

Saikoucon (Artist) August 2-4 2019

Hazardcon (Artist) July 26-28 2019

Colossalcon (Arts and Crafts Fair) May 30

Lolita Paradiso (Artist) May 25-26 2019

Gojotekicon (Artist) April 26-28 2019

Triad Anime Con (Artist) March 15-17 2019

Zipcon (Artist) February 23 2019

Nyancon (Artist) October 6 2018

Colossalcon East (Arts and Crafts Fair) September 9 2018

Colossalcon (Arts and Crafts Fair) May 31 2018

Colossalcon East (Arts and Crafts Fair) September 10 2017

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