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T:   (570) 878-8859

E:  lepetitmiaoudesigns@gmail.com

Upcoming conventions:

Paradiso (Vendor) May 16

Tekko (Artist) June 25-28 2020

Colossalcon (2nd Artist Alley) June 6-7

Hazardcon (Artist) July 24-26 2020

Galaxycon Raleigh (with ThimsyWhimsy) July 30-Aug 2

Saikoucon (Artist) August 7-9

Anime St. Louis (Designer/Guest) April 23-25 2021

Past Conventions:

Zipcon (Artist) February 15 2020
Ichibancon (Artist) January 9-12 2020

Anime Weekend Atlanta (Artist) October 31-November 3
Colossalcon East (Arts and Crafts Fair) September 15

Saikoucon (Artist) August 2-4 2019

Hazardcon (Artist) July 26-28 2019

Colossalcon (Arts and Crafts Fair) May 30

Lolita Paradiso (Artist) May 25-26 2019

Gojotekicon (Artist) April 26-28 2019

Triad Anime Con (Artist) March 15-17 2019

Zipcon (Artist) February 23 2019

Nyancon (Artist) October 6 2018

Colossalcon East (Arts and Crafts Fair) September 9 2018

Colossalcon (Arts and Crafts Fair) May 31 2018

Colossalcon East (Arts and Crafts Fair) September 10 2017

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Le Petit Miaou is an indie lolita brand that was established in 2016. My brand was created to give everyone their own chance to be the beautiful person that they are in their heart. While my original focus was on sweet lolita, as the brand started to grow, I began to see the need for lolita pieces of all styles for people of all sizes. 


The pieces that Le Petit Miaou Lolita makes has a large variety of influences including traditional dress from China and Japan, and nature. While some pieces are one of a kind, I have also started partnering with artists to make unique prints. Each piece is made entirely by hand by myself.


As Le Petit Miaou continues to grow, I hope to be able to work with our customers to make the dresses of their dreams.

I love to attend Anime and Japanese Culture Conventions. My dream is to be a designer for as many convention fashion shows as possible so that I can introduce my brand to people of all shapes, sizes, and ages so that everyone can be their beautiful self. 

I also love selling in Artist Alleys at conventions and showing the average con-goer that quality lolita is not just expensive Japanese brands. There are many western indie brands that make quality product that is unlike anything able to be found in Japan, and I think it is incredible that we are able to expand our love for this fashion.

At conventions, my setup standardly has a wider selection of jewelry, a variety of bows and head accessories, and wristcuffs. I try to keep my site up to date, but will always have more product at a convention. If you saw something at a convention that you don't see on my website, please send me an email and ask about it because I may just not have it listed. 

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