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Casual Skirt Revolutionary Rose (Duelist) Skirt

Casual Skirt Revolutionary Rose (Duelist) Skirt


This listing is for a casual knit skirt with two pockets. Pockets are large enough to fit a disassembled switch (though the designer does not recommed it due to the weight, but I mean... You do you, boo).


The print depicted on the fabric is an original print created by designer Miyuki, inspired by our favorite sword lesbians. The print features swords and roses in a variety of colors and styles to reference the characters as well as the panels being in a vague coffin shape. 

This skirt is available in 2 sizes, but all skirts come with open elastic channels so that it is completely adjustable to fit you to your optimum comfort level. The smaller size comes with a 2 yard width fabric skirt and a 30" elastic band, while the larger comes with a 3 yard width fabric skirt and a 45" elastic band. 

Image depicts 3 yard skirt on a 26" Waist dress form. 


Prices are as follows:
2 yard skirt - $75

3 yard skirt - $95

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