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Casual Skirt Spring of Wolves

Casual Skirt Spring of Wolves


This listing is for a casual skirt with an original print made out of a cotton blend knit fabric. The skirt has an elastic waistband with open elastic channels. This allows for you to pull the elastic to whatever measurement fits the most comfortable on your waist. 

There are two sizes for this skirt - 2 yard and 3 yard. The 2 yard skirt has a 2 yard width with a 30" elastic band that stretches to the full 2 yards, and the 3 yard skirt has a 3 yard width with a 45" elastic band that stretches to the full 3 yards. If you prefer a fuller skirt when worn, the 3 yard skirt is probably the choice for you. The 3 yard skirt can also fit a petticoat.

All skirts have two pockets, one on each side. These pockets are large enough to fit a Nintendo Switch (see video). I do not necessarily recommend putting a switch in your pocket due to the weight, but you definitely could. 

Due to the printing process, the outside of the darker prints tend to be a bit more stiff and wrinkle a bit easier, while the lighter prints are quite soft. The inside of the skirts is not printed, so it is soft and comfortable. 

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