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Halloween Stained Glass Bow Style Ear Saver

Halloween Stained Glass Bow Style Ear Saver

$14.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

Happy Halloween! These limited edition bow style ear savers feature an exclusive spooky themed stained glass print drawn by Le Petit Miaou designer! The design features a black cat and a bat in moon-like circular medallions that are spooky enough for halloween, but cute enough to also use year round.


Like my other bow style ear savers, the bow clips to your hair with an alligator style clip. The two bead strands can either clip together to create a loop when not using a mask, or clasp around the elastic of a facemask to keep the elastic off your ears. The bow is around 5" in length. 


These are available with a cat centerpice (which has bats on the bow's 'wings') or with a bat centerpiece (which has cats on the bow's 'wings'). The fabric placement of the bows may slightly vary on each product as they are all handmade items. 



Shipping calculation for outside the US and Canada has been a little off for smaller items- when this happens, I will refund the difference! If you have any questions, please ask! 

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