Wired Fabric Masks

Wired Fabric Masks

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This is a master listing for fabric facemasks. All masks are 100% cotton with a filter pocket, elastic loops, and a nose wire that extends across the entire top of the mask. This allows for maximum customization for fit. 


These masks are pleated style to fit the maximum number of faces. 


The fabric used for these masks are fabric that has been in my stash that I do not have enough of to make dresses or accessories - as they have been deemed a loss prior to now, I am not counting the fabric cost in my manufacturing cost, which is why they are the price that they are. 


I am not making custom masks. A good deal of these masks, I only had enough fabric for 1 or 2 masks. I do not want to make an exorbitant profit on something that people are purchasing to try to keep themselves and those around them healthy. I will be updating this listing with new masks as I make them.


Masks ship for $3 within the US


Shipping calculation for outside the US and Canada has been a little off for smaller items- when this happens, I will refund the difference! If you have any questions, please ask! 

  • Care instructions

    While these are machine washable, I recommend washing them in a garment bag or on a delicate cycle without items that may get caught in the elastic or on wire. I use 20g jewelry wire for the nose wire. I have rounded and bent the ends so they should not poke out or poke your face, but they can poke out of the mask in the wash. If the wire gets caught on other things in the wash, it may pull out, so wash carefully for the longevity of the mask!

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