Pride-i-mals FULL SET Stickers

Pride-i-mals FULL SET Stickers


This listing is for the full set of holographic glitter stickers for Pride-i-mals Series 1! Stickers range from 2"x 3" to 3" by 3". Set includes 1 sticker of each animal, LESbunny, AlliGAYtor, OctoBI, TRANSantula, ACEolot, and PANda. Due to a slight printing communication error, there are two options - full glitter and glitter edge. Full glitter is pictured in images with blue kanzashi flowers, and glitter edge is pictured in images with purple kanzashi flowers.Stickers ship free in US (untracked USPS letter in a stiff card for safety). If you would like it tracked, please send me a message and we can arrange for other shipping!


Shipping calculation for outside the US and Canada has been a little off for smaller items- when this happens, I will refund the difference! If you have any questions, please ask! 

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