Lolita Mask Floating Fantasia Night

Lolita Mask Floating Fantasia Night


This product is a lolita style facemask made with 2 layers of woven cotton. The outside layer is an LPM lolita exclusive print created by ThimsyWhimsy, and will be later released as a dress print. The mask style is pleated with a reverse pleat for the nose, allowing for comfort, better fit, and ease of wearability with glasses. There is a pocket for a nose wire, and each mask comes with a piece of nose wire included. This style of mask creates a seal around the upper face even without a wire, so it is up to preferance if you want to wear it with the wire.


The reverse pleated section has a lace overlay that will peek out when you wear it. There are also two small bows on the side of the mask!


This listing is for the mask with the Floating Fantasia print in the Night colorway. Each mask will have slightly different coloring and placement of the music and jellyfish as the print is gradient and was designed for a skirt.

Elastic is attached via channels at the sides of the mask, which allows the mask to bunch where it needs to to create the best fit for your face. Masks also come with elastic locks so that you can adjust it smaller to suit the size of your head. 

Masks are pictured with LPM lolita bow style ear savers. 


Shipping calculation for outside the US and Canada has been a little off for smaller items- when this happens, I will refund the difference! If you have any questions, please ask! 

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