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Genshin Love Letter Set Zhongli/Childe

Genshin Love Letter Set Zhongli/Childe


For all of us whose souls have been sold to the gacha gods, here is a gift to buy for yourself that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This listing is for a boxed set of one earring and a love letter from your favorite Genshin Husbando to you. Each earring is made with hypoallergenic gold plated findings for comfort in wear.


Zhongli's earring features a genuine tiger eye stone bead and a tassel made with fine silky embroidery thread. The earring post has a geo inspired design on it and has a "lifting" gold plated earring back to keep it seated well in your ear even though it is a little bit heavy. 

Childe's earring features a gold plated hinged hoop earring and a Czech pressed glass dangle bead. 

Both love letters are penned in unique penmanship designed to reflect the writers' personality. I have extensively gone through their voice lines to choose things that they would likely say or mention. Both letters are written with direction to a neutral gender with use of non-gendered compliments so that no matter what gender you identify as, you can still read the letter as if it was written directly to you. 

The premise of both love letters is that your love from Teyvat cannot be with you in this faraway world, but they have sent you their earring to wear so that they can always be with you. 

Box size/color may vary depending on available stock, but each set will always have the same size letter and same size earring. 

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