Falling Snow Apron

Falling Snow Apron


This listing is for one mesh apron/overdress with appliqued hand crocheted snowflakes! Each apron has 17 unique snowflakes from a selection of 24 - there are similar designs, but on each apron, no two snowflakes are the same. This is a great way to add some wintery flair to any coordinate~~


The style of these aprons make it widely versatile for many sizes. The two shoulder straps cross over in the back and feed into loops on the opposite waist. This allows for it to be adjusted for shoulder size as well as for waist size.


I have included images of the apron on two sizes of body forms to show the flexibility. The smaller form measured at 32" over the dress and apron (and can tie a bit smaller) and the larger form measured at 43" over the dress and apron. I can confidently say that the apron should comfortably fit waist measurements up to 55", potentially larger depending on your bust and shoulder size.

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