CyberX Fashion Show Special Jsk

CyberX Fashion Show Special Jsk


This listing is for a one of a kind Fashion Show special made to fit the theme cyberpunk.

One armed sweater is NOT included in this purchase. 

There are 2 LED strips threaded through sections of the dress. since these are not physically attached to the dress, they are able to be removed, however they do fit quite snugly in their channels and will be difficult to get back in, so spot cleaning is recommended whem possible. 

Outer fabric for the dress is a cotton sateen, inner fabric is a poly lining. the channel that the LED strip fits behind is made of a poly crepe chiffon type fabric filled with high quality poly fil to help diffuse the light. 

This dress comes with cyber glasses, 2 battery packs (for the two strips) and a remote to change the color of the dress. there is a pocket sewn into the waist of the dress that will hold the battery packs during wear. 


Measurements for this dress are; Bust: 32-44, Waist: 27-42