Adoptable Dumpling Gatcha

Adoptable Dumpling Gatcha


Have you ever wanted to adopt a dumpling all for yourself? These adorable little creatures are handmade with felt with hand drawn faces! They all come with their own adoption certificate~~

At conventions, you can root through my basket of friends and find your perfect fit, but online, I will reach into the dumpling gatcha pool and choose your new friend for you! 


There are two gatcha pools - normal and "animal villagers" from a certain well loved game. 


In the normal pool, the adoption certificates include a personality and background which range from cute and heartwarming to /slightly/ messed up, so if you really can't handle dumplings with tragic backstories (or your dumplings will be gifts for children), let me know and I'll prescreen the stories to make sure you don't get anything undesirable! 


In the animal villager pool, the adoption certificate includes the villager's personality and a section of a conversation you might have with them in game! All conversations include the villager's catchphrase!! 


1 pull is $4, 5 pull is $16!


Shipping calculation for outside the US and Canada has been a little off for smaller items- when this happens, I will refund the difference! If you have any questions, please ask!