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Le Petit Miaou

Lolita Fashion and Accessories

My LPM Lolita Fashion Story

Le Petit Miaou's designer, Miyuki, started her brand in 2016 to give everyone a chance to be the beautiful lolita they've always wanted to be. 


In the beginning, Miyuki didn't imagine Le Petit Miaou would turn into a brand - it was just a single dress project for her first convention tea party. Miyuki distressed at having a “brand” outfit shipped from japan and risk it not fitting her measurements, but as her project came to an end, a new passion was born.


Le Petit Miaou is a brand for everyone, no matter their gender, shape, size, or style. From gothic to sweet, classic to wa, Le Petit Miaou’s goal is to create pieces that are as unique and lovely as our wonderful customers. 


Le Petit Miaou strives to create a unique experience for everyone through our carefully designed construction. We feature lolita pieces for the experienced wearer in a wide range of sizes, as well as casual skirts with infinitely adjustable waistbands for customers just starting their journey, all in the most comfortable fabrics we can find.


Celebrating our customers' uniqueness while providing comfort is Le Petit Miaou's ultimate goal and pleasure.

My Art by Ki Story

While LPM began as a fashion and accessory brand, designer Miyuki has also always had a passion for art. Over the past few years, she has been working on finding and perfecting her art style in the hopes to create our own prints to add to our amazing prints from our artist collaborations! 

Art by Ki was primarily created so that we could add new prints to the shop for our skirts and dresses, but has also grown into its own section of Le Petit Miaou with its own products that are not fashion related. 

In order to still produce unique products, Art by Ki aims to primarily produce artwork on textiles as opposed to a focus on paper prints or acrylic keychains, and all textile products are produced in our studio alongside our skirts and dresses after being printed. 

Art by Ki's artworks focus on Hoyoverse titles such as Genshin Impact (and Honkai: Star rail, coming soon) due to the designer's obsession with said titles, but we have also done prints inspired by some other popular fandoms, and have also done some completely original artwork.

New Products!

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