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Le Petit Miaou

Lolita Fashion and Accessories

My Story

Le Petit Miaou's designer, Miyuki, started her brand in 2016 to give everyone a chance to be the beautiful lolita they've always wanted to be. 


In the beginning, Miyuki didn't imagine Le Petit Miaou would turn into a brand - it was just a single dress project for her first convention tea party. Miyuki distressed at having a “brand” outfit shipped from japan and risk it not fitting her measurements, but as her project came to an end, a new passion was born.


Le Petit Miaou is a brand for everyone, no matter their gender, shape, size, or style. From gothic to sweet, classic to wa, Le Petit Miaou’s goal is to create pieces that are as unique and lovely as our wonderful customers. 


Le Petit Miaou has also partnered with California based artist ThimsyWhimsy to create a collection of unique fabric prints featuring realistic nature elements and under-represented animals. The Seasons of Life series is a celebration of each birth month and season of the year. 


Celebrating nature and our customers' uniqueness through Mikyuki's dress designs is Le Petit Miaou's ultimate goal and pleasure.

New Products!

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